Update on the ticket refund due to the cancellation of Parvati Peaking Festival

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This is a follow-up to our previous message dated June 8 that was posted on all of our social networks.

Till date, despite repeated attempts to contact them, the Parvati Peaking Festival organisers have not yet responded on the refund matter. As mentioned earlier, since they are the organisers, they will need to authorise the refund and provide us with the funds to enable the refund process.
Therefore, in order to expedite the process, please connect with them directly:
•    Jasmine Pathan: +91-914-511-1563 / +91-780-704-0127 / +91-783-193-1952
•    Amir Pathan: +91-960-177-9683
•    Harjinder Uppal: +91-897-677-6622
•    Email Id: jessicapathan24@gmail.com
Their office address: 104/B Saipuja Apts., Ansari Nagar, Nallasopara East, Thane 401209

Kyazoonga thanks you for your patience and understanding. We do not condone this type of behaviour from our ticketing clients, and we look forward to a timely resolution from Parvati Peaking Festival organisers.

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Things to do in Kingston on your #BIGTICKET

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Aside from hosting #TheBiggestPartyInSport this summer, Kingston, Jamaica has got a lot to offer. If you get one of our package deals with Courtleigh Hotels or Knutsford Court Hotels, you can get travel and accommodation within Kingston as well as your match ticket for discounted rates! And while you’re there, take a look at some of the attractions and activities you can do on your #BIGTICKET, hand-picked by the Kyazoonga staff below.

Devon House

Visit the home of the first black millionaire in the Caribbean, George Stiebel, and roam the parks, restaurants, and shops in an experience that will appeal to fresh tourists and seasoned Jamaicans alike.

Gerrit / Via Trekearth
Gerrit / Via Trekearth

Most promising review: “A wonderful place to visit, where you can spend next to nothing, or a lot of money! You can choose to tour the perfectly preserved 19th century house- not too expensive and not too long. A good intro to the history of the time. Then there are the grounds, with a couple of good restaurants, an ice cream shop (ambrosia) and various shops with a variety of local craft items, books etc.” — evie v

Chocolate Dreams Ltd.

While you’re at the Devon House, head to this chocolate-lovers’ paradise for some of the most sumptious hand-made treats you’ve ever had.

Via Chocolate Dreams
Via Chocolate Dreams Ltd.

Most promising review: “Truffles that melt in your mouth, my favourite ‘Appleton white chocolate’, they got me at Appleton! The brownie topped with caramel and pecans was ‘on point’. The red velvet cake looked divine. You have lots of ‘sweet choices’ with a very friendly and attentive staff.” — xlcr73

Emancipation Park

Located in central Kingston, this park is a nice place to unwind and relax before the big game.

Via Modern Media Services Jamaica
Via Modern Media Services Jamaica

Most promising review: “This park is a wonderful place to go for a walk or a jog. The statue at the entrance is gorgeous! the water features in the park are refreshing (you can’t walk or swim in them) and the path ways are wide and level. The gardens are very well maintained and really relaxing. Very safe place, especially during the day for a single woman to stroll or jog. worth a visit!” — kymm95

Bob Marley Museum

If you’ve got an hour to spare, take a tour and learn about a musical legend at this museum, but maybe don’t count on having a complete meal at their café.

Via Lonely Planet
Via Lonely Planet

Most promising review: “Loved the tour. I grew up in Jamaica but still learned a few things. Our tour guide “Sue or the crazy one” was really knowledgable, funny and was high on life or something else. She made it really fun!! I wish if they served more food at the cafe” — Nat B

National Gallery

This is a must see for Edna Manley fans! The museum showcases a wonderful collection of Jamaican art consisting of pieces dating back to the 1920s as well as productions from today’s emerging local artists.

National Gallery of Jamaica - Kingston - Tourism Media / Via Expedia
National Gallery of Jamaica – Kingston – Tourism Media / Via Expedia

Most promising review: “Each time I go to the National Gallery I am transported to a world of pure bliss! I get lost in the beautiful art throughout the ages. From the pulsating and controversial sculptures of Kapo, to the fantasy of Colin Garland, and Edna Manley’s strong and erotic pieces, to name only a few. Then there is the very tasteful gift shop where one can relax and nibble on freshly baked muffins and strongly brewed blue mountain coffee. My artist daughter and I had the greatest girls morning out ever. Yes for sure we will be going back” — Annette W

National Dance Theatre

An internationally acclaimed company that seamlessly incorporates modern dance elements into Caribbean traditions, this is one troop you can’t afford to miss while in Kingston.

Winston Sill / Via The Gleaner
Winston Sill / Via The Gleaner

Most promising review: “The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica is among the best of the best. The choreography and technical skill of the dancers are amazing. The music that accompanies each piece is just as good and made me want to jump out of my seat (especially the live drumming). NDTC performances are not just about dance, they also encompass various elements of Jamaican culture including its African roots. If you are in Kingston during the NDTC season, definitely make it a point to attend one of their performances. You won’t regret it.” — xxSHA-SHAxx

While booking your #BIGTICKET for the CPL, why not leave the messiness of finding travel and accommodation within Jamaica to us? Book your tickets to the match and your hotel here, and just relax and enjoy #TheBiggestPartyInSport.

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Can’t wait for Bangalore Open Air? You don’t have to!

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Prepare yourself for the onslaught of metal by brushing up on the bands playing Bangalore Open Air on Saturday, 9 July, at Royal Orchid Resorts, Yelankha.


A Polish death metal band hailing from the town of Olszlyn, these legends are going to be one of the biggest names at Bangalore Open Air. Since its formation in 1983, the band has gone through several lineup changes, but currently features Plotr ‘Peter’ Wiczarek on guitars and vocals, guitarist Marek ‘Spider’ Pajk, bassist Tomasz ‘Hal’ Halicki, and British drummer James Stewart.
Latest Album: Tibi Et Igni


Jonas Rogowski / Via Wikipedia
Jonas Rogowski / Via Wikipedia

Skull Fist

Coming in from Toronto, Canada is heavy metal band Skull Fist. They’ve recently toured Europe, Mexico, South America, and North America, and are now flying to Bangalore on their first stop of their “Asian Invasion” tour. Their much anticipated latest album was nominated for a Juno award, and the band is currently working on their third studio album, which hasn’t been assigned a release date as of yet. Their current lineup consists of lead guitarist and lead vocalist Zach Slaughter, Casey Slade on bass, Jonny Nesta as the lead guitarist, and JJ Tartaglia on drums.
Latest albumChasing The Dream

Via Metal Music Archives
Via Metal Music Archives

Nader Sadek

Nader Sadek is an Egyptian-American artist who is most well known for his death metal project, which gathers many well-known as well as emerging artists from the entire metal scene. Sadek and his chosen musicians then collaborate on creating an album. He focuses mostly on the more extreme styles of black and death Metal. Sadek currently resides in New York City.
Latest Album: The Malefic: Chapter III


Via brooklynvegan.com
Via brooklynvegan.com

Severe Dementia

Raising hell from Dhaka, the heart and capital of Bangladesh, Severe Dementia is a death metal band with a keen lyrical focus on ancient and historical events which created a major impact on certain nations and the human race. Eastern battles and Sumerian mythologies are reflected on in the band’s music. Since their formation in 2004, Severe Dementia has been a band that embodies absolute brutality and blistering speed with technical proficiency.
Latest Album: Epitaph of Plassey


Via Metal Archives
Via Metal Archives

Inner Sanctum

Local band Inner Sanctum is a death metal band which was formed in 2006. The founding members Chintan and Michael were later joined by Tejas (guitar), Abhinav (drums), Gaurav (vocalist) and Rajeev (guitar). They have won several awards including the Indian Band of the Year award in 2007 and 2009 as well as the Best Emerging Band of the Year award in 2010. Inner Sanctum released its first album, Provenance, through Resonance Studios. The album became very popular among the lovers of the death metal genre in Asia and was featured in several of the top 10 lists of albums in 2009-10. Over the years, Inner Sanctum has been a supporting act for some of the big names in metal, namely Metallica, Guillotine, Amon Amarth, Cradle of Filth, Texture and Slayer. Their current lineup features Gaurav Basu on vocals, Chintan Chinappa and Suraj Gulvady toggling between rhythm and lead guitar, bassist Narayan Shrouthy, and Abhinav Yogesh on drums.
Latest Album: Geisha Made


Via Pepsi MTV Indies
Via Pepsi MTV Indies

Book your #BIGTICKET for Bangalore Open Air NOW! Tag your posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with #kyazoongasummer, and get a chance to be featured on our wall! Also, in the unlikely event that you can’t make it, add us on Snapchat — @kyazoonga — for live coverage of the event. Happy listening!

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7 kinds of people you spot in amusement parks!

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Amusement parks are la-la lands. Colourful clowns, freaky rides, candy bars, scary toys and so much more.

One can almost get lost in the myriad of awesome activities that unleash the 5-year-old kid in you and make you run around like you just saw a unicorn.

You might not be lucky enough to spot a unicorn in an amusement park but you will definitely (and in some cases, unfortunately) spot the following seven kinds of people.

1. Daredevils

They are the ones who are on a death mission. They will locate the scariest rides and will challenge the weeny wuss to ride it with them. The adrenaline rushes through their veins like sea waves in a tsunami.


Via Reddit / giphy
Via Reddit / giphy

This often leads to the scaredy-cats on the rides being even more scared. Which brings us to…

2. Scaredy-cats

These are the anti-daredevils. They don’t even like walking past a fast ride. They enjoy magic shows, mystery rooms, street artists the best. If you force them to get on a ride, they’ll cut you!


Fox / Via gifsoup.com / giphy
Fox / Via gifsoup.com / giphy

3. Strollers

You might spot this kind walking by randomly in circles. They might even feature randomly in your group photos and will leave you thinking, I am sure this guy wasn’t with me. They enjoy giving people the impression that they got out of their house to take an evening walk and somehow reached this amazing wonderland.


Nickelodeon / Via sponge-gifs.tumblr.com / giphy

4. Screamers

Squeaks, swears, howls, prayers — anything could be coming out from their blessed throats which are sure to be super sore by the time they reach home from the trip. From the moment they get on the ride till when the usher helps them out of it, they are ones who have the most fun.


Universal Pictures / Via Reddit / giphy
Universal Pictures / Via Reddit / giphy

5. Line cutters

They are like the mafia of the amusement park. They won’t get an express upgrade for themselves and would pretend to be a part of your group to get to their favourite rides quicker. Beware of these restless creatures on your next trip.


CityTV / Via webchutney.pk
CityTV / Via webchutney.pk

6. Mommies

No, we aren’t talking about the respected mothers here. We are talking about the self-proclaimed mommies who are yelling do’s and don’t’s even when they are on the awesome rides. You know they are taking care of you, but you also kind of want to stuff their mouth with a soft toy. After all, what are friends for?


Via imgix
Via imgix

7. Cry-babies

They are quite a common kind but they often exist in stealth mode and thus are difficult to spot. They will be absolutely fine before and throughout the ride, but the moment they step out of it, they will start complaining really loud about how that ride was the scariest thing that ever happened to them. They will tell it to you, your friends, your family, strangers and yes, you again!

Via reblog-gif.tumblr.com
Via reblog-gif.tumblr.com
Via reblog-gif.tumblr.com
Via reblog-gif.tumblr.com

Whatever kind of company you find yourself with, make sure that you take a trip to an amusement park near you this summer and enjoy the weather like it was meant to be enjoyed.

Also, click pictures of your friends and tell us which category they fall in by sharing it with #BIGTICKET or #kyazoongasummer. We would love to feature them on our wall!


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Watching Cricket At Home vs. Watching it LIVE In The Stadium

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A true cricket fan can cross every boundary to see his team play. Be it standing in front of a TV showroom watching the match from the roadside or burning a hole in his/her pocket to book the best view seats in advance, a true cricket fan will make sure that they doesn’t miss even a single ball bowled.
But watching the match live in the stadium has a lot of perks that watching it at home can never compete with. Here’s a list of reasons why you should DEFINITELY watch your favorite cricket match #LIVE on your #BIGTICKET.
Via gfycat.com
CBS / Via gfycat.com

1. No more distractions!

The hurdles between you and your favorite sport are stronger with time now. We’re sure you all must have faced those days where you wouldn’t mind trading your kidney to watch the match without any disturbance but there it is that evil distraction, the dog that needs to be walked, the delivery boy who doesn’t have any change or Satan in any other form.
But when you watch the match live from the stands, all such distractions are at bay; you are in your own safe haven.
Pixar / Via The Debutante Ball
Pixar / Via The Debutante Ball

2. The Team Spirit!

The team spirit in watching the match at the stadium can never match the level of watching it at home with a couple of friends eating chips off your couch. The joy of cheering out loud for your team, hi-fiving strangers on every 6 and letting out a sigh of relief in chorus on a dropped catch of your star batsman is something the comfort of your old couch can’t give you. You got to be there, watching the team sport, with a team.
Disney / Via photobucket
Disney / Via photobucket

3. Claim to fame

The cameras on the field pan across the stadium and catch a glimpse of an interesting expression, and then it stays there, watching the ‘lost in the moment’ look change to ‘oh I am on camera’ look. This face gets more TRP than faces on a typical daily soap. How would you like to be there? Flaunting your best expression, as the camera captures you and the crowd around you cheers for you and tries hard to fit in the frame. You’ll enjoy the paparazzi. Won’t you?
Via tumblr
Via tumblr

4. To be socially aLIVE

People click pictures of their sad little breakfast and you have to sit through watching it and bearing the boredom. Now it’s your turn to give something actually worth looking at to the people on your list. Live tweets, snaps, and Periscope streaming are the in-things in the social media sector and you can only do it when you are watching the match LIVE from the stands on your #BIGTICKET. 
Dash Shanaka / AFP / via ESPNcricinfo
Dash Shanaka / AFP / via ESPNcricinfo

5. Despicable You!

Lean in for this one because it is last but certainly not the least, you should watch a match live on your #BIGTICKET because it makes other people envious of you. They wish they were there, like you are, watching your team play it like it never played before. They crave for the adrenaline, the family-like feeling among the strangers supporting the same team and the priceless feeling of going back home feeling like a winner when your team wins.
Take it from us, you will like the feeling because if you have read it this far, you are a true cricket fan and you deserve to watch the best games LIVE. 
Via reckontalk.com
Via reckontalk.com
Book your #BIGTICKET to the Carribean Premier League now: http://www.kyazoonga.com/Cricket/Hero-CPL-T20-2016/1696
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West Indies International Home Series 2016 – Tri Nation ODIs | Buy tickets online on Kyazoonga

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Venue Address: Guyana National Stadium, Guyana
Kensington Oval, Barbados
Warner Park, St. KittsEvent Date & Time: Fri, Jun 03, 2016, 13:00 – Sun, Jun 26, 2016, 13:00
International Home Series 2016 – Tri Nation ODIs

Australia, South Africa and WT20 Champions West Indies


June 3: West Indies vs South Africa – Guyana National Stadium
June 5: West Indies vs Australia – Guyana National Stadium
June 7: Australia vs South Africa – Guyana National Stadium
June 11: South Africa vs Australia – Warner Park
June 13: West Indies vs Australia – Warner Park
June 15: West Indies vs South Africa – Warner Park
June 19: Australia vs South Africa – Kensington Oval
June 21: West Indies vs Australia – Kensington Oval
June 24: West Indies vs South Africa – Kensington Oval
June 26: The Final – Kensington Oval

Buy tickets online for West Indies International Home Series 2016 – Tri Nation ODIs on Kyazoonga.com!


Kyazoonga 24×7 Customer Service: +91-22-3348-9000

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SAFF Suzuki Cup 2015 – Thiruvananthapuram | Buy tickets online on Kyazoonga

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Venue: The Sports Hub, Karyavattom, Thiruvananthapuram
Dates: Starts 23rd December 2015
The bustling coastal city of Trivandrum will be the venue for the 2015 South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Suzuki Cup as India play host to the sub-continent’s prestigious tournament in December. Bangladesh, Bhutan, Afghanistan, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal are the countries who participate in the biennial tournament. Come December, the SAFF Championship will once again thrill football fans in the region with memorable moments as the teams showcase their most impressive players and battle it out for that all important trophy.
Buy your tickets for SAFF Suzuki Cup 2015 on Kyazoonga.com!
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The Earth Quest – The Exhilarating Quotient

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How many of you desire to be adventurous? How many of you miss being footloose and fancy-free? If you answer is a resonating YES, then, ‘The Earth Quest’ is your big ticket to an exciting event in Coorg, Karnataka! The Earth Quest is a thrilling adventure where you will face the wrath of cold weather, heavy rains and upheaval of sand and mud, covering you entirely from head to toe. There shall be obstacles galore on your way! Determination and enthusiasm are going to be the key players in this quest of yours! Make the experience more enjoyable by asking your friends to tag along. Participate in a large group to make the quest more amusing. Because, the more the merrier! Turn on your competitive spirit and participate in the different challenges that have been designed for you; Team Championship, Individual Championship and Open Championship. Children aged 12-16 can also join in the fun by taking part in a challenge designed specifically for them! The cherry on the cake is a free run on the last day, open to everyone.  Loosen up and wash away all the fatigue in the evening, by relaxing to music and gorging on delectable cuisines.
We all go vacationing to some beach, hill-station or scenic location. Don’t you think it would be nice to give something else a shot? When was the last time you felt that rush of adrenaline? Or something so intoxicating, that it has never made you feel so lively? Grab hold of this long weekend and experience something thrilling and new with your near and dear ones.  A charged up quest followed by a fun filled evening are the only two reasons you need to drop by! This is a 3-day affair you certainly don’t want to miss!

Buy your tickets on Kyazoonga!

URL: http://www.kyazoonga.com/Events/the_earth_quest/1102/1

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WORLD CUP 2015 – Statistics of the dazzling performances

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India has always been a cricket frenzy country and the enthusiasm just increases with the arrival of the WORLD CUP! Let’s take a look at some awesome statistics of the dazzling performances that have been witnessed in the ongoing World Cup!
With 541 runs in his kitty, Sangakkara has the highest number of runs to his credit!
If you haven’t had enough of this super performer, you will be glad to know that he has two more titles to his credit. With 4 centuries and 57 fours, he upholds the titles of most centuries and maximum fours!
CHRIS GAYLE                                                    
We all know of Gayle’s stupendous score of 215 runs! It is the highest individual score so far in the World Cup!
GLENN MAXWELL                                                   
With a strike rate of 190.37, Maxwell holds the highest strike rate!
AB DE VILLIERS                                                    
AB de Villiers has the highest number of sixes. Can you guess how many?
Four half-centuries is the feat that Williams claims to have!

This Pakistani star has the best average of 150.00!
Do you wish to witness such majestic feats? It really is an enthralling experience to be a part of the crowd and cheer for these heroes! It really is not that hard. All you need is a #BIGTICKET to reach your favourite players and be a part of the celebrations happening LIVE! Book your #BIGTICKET today-log on to www.kyazoonga.com!

Buy your tickets now!

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