10 Reasons why Kidzania is an ideal monsoon getaway for your kids!

Summer has ended and the cloudy skies have started pouring like a tap without a knob! It’s more than just possible that your kids are not willing to go out of the house and are usually engaged with their favorite TV shows, games, social media websites and even with their mobile phones. You’re tired of telling them otherwise, and they might be tired of hearing and never listening.

But, we know that you understand the importance of your child’s mental and physical growth. You can’t just let them sit in front of the TV, or their tab or their laptop and other plethora of items in their arsenal of electronics. So, the question still remains, what can you do?

Well, dear parent, the answer is simple. The answer is Kidzania. And why is Kidzania the answer, let us tell you in detail…

Kidzania is not simply an amusement park. It is a simulation of everything. It simulates over 100 activities and jobs in the private sector, service sector, and a place where your kid can be anything from a pilot to an electrical engineer at an energy conservation hubKidazania-img-1

Kidzania is a separate nation where kids rule! Under adult’s supervision of course.


Kidzania is a unique place that continues, ever since it was founded in Santa Fe, USA, to merge education with entertainment and teach your children real life skills.


Now, you must be thinking, but what about their safety? Well don’t worry, dear parent! We’ve got you covered there, with GPS-chip enabled bracelets, to CCTV footage covering each inch of Kidzania, we can safely say, your kid is safe with us!Kidazania-img-4

Each activity has been specially developed by educators in the respective fields to create an activity where your kids will learn the most that they can!


“Children can only aspire to what they know exists” – it is the aim of KidZania to broaden these horizons so that children can explore, aspire and begin to write their own narrative of the possible.


Only a day at Kidzania, and your kids will value money more than they already do. Why? Well, dear parent, that is because Kidzania has a functioning economy, which is centered on working, earning kidZos and having fun!


Kids are most receptive when they are having fun. Play is a child’s way of engaging and making sense of the world. KidZania has taken the timeless and universal form of play – roleplaying and built a functioning city around it.


Kidzania promotes change, inspires leadership and inspires global citizenship in our future generation.



Last, but not the least, dear parent, Kidzania, is #BigTicketNext.So here’s where your kids should be. Be #BigTicketNext, buy them tickets to KidZania.

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The Run Of Herculean Awesomeness



The most famous hero of Ancient Greece, the mighty demigod son of Zeus, the man who defeated the Nemean Lion and the Hydra and the Big Wild Boar and cleaning a-stable-full-of-flesh-eating-horses-that–have-not-been-cleaned-in-thousands-of-years in a day and capturing a Big Bull and slay a flock of murderous-flesh-eating-genociding crows and steal some golden apples from a-giant-dragon-with-one-hundred-heads-and-extremely-bad-breath and steal the crown of a warrior queen and steal Diomedes’s horses and capture a two-headed dude’s cows and capture Artemis’s golden butt and capture and bring back the 2-headed-german-shephard-immortal-guardian of the gates of hell.

Well then, a fitting name for the race; a race which demands more from the racers that the 12 tasks bestowed upon the hero.

But, while the obstacles faced by this hero were only 12, our heroes running this race have to face a total of 35! That is 12 plus… uh… many obstacles that they must overcome. And the winner, while does not get pardon for murder he may or may not have committed after being driven mad by Hera, does get some money and a big shiny trophy.

The obstacles are specially designed to test the contestants’ physical limit, to expand them and to break them. The race is India’s first race of this scale and ambition and runners from all over the world will be competing.

A physically and mentally demanding competition, the Herculean Run is sure to have spectators on the edge of their seat as they cheer on the man or woman that they support and want to win. This race, which takes place in Thane, Mumbai on the 4th of June, is the second largest of the world’s obstacle series.

It is definitely worth watching.

Why? Because it’s #BigTicketNext

Get tickets to the Herculean Run here – http://ow.ly/V0Oe30bQ6FX.





Turning Turtle




One hundred and seventy five million years ago, a weird creature that did not belong with the dinosaurs crawled onto the sandy shore of a land now lost. And for those 175 million years, these creatures that crawled onto the beaches have stayed. They’ve gone all around the world.

With their hard backs and soft insides, they seem to be unstoppable having survived the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, and the ice age which killed the mammoths.

But, as it would seem, the luck of the turtles has run out.

Yes, they survived the meteor and the ice age, but they appear to be falling now. It appears they cannot survive in the time of Man.

In 2011 the Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group published a report with the 25 species of turtles about to go extinct and the 40 most likely to go extinct, 65 species out of a known 300.

In the words of the biologist George Amato, “the amount and the volume of captured turtles… (has) vacuumed up entire species from areas in Southeast Asia.” It is calculated that about 90% of the turtles living in Asia are threatened.

They are a species that have lived through everything. How sad would it be if those they share the planet with are those who end up killing them.

“A friend in need is a friend in deed,” I believe we got this saying from an old turtle based story. Ironic isn’t it.

So be the friend that the turtles like the Loggerhead turtle, the Ridley turtle and the Flatback turtle need.

Donate to the charity of your choice, the world, the turtles need it. And yes, you’ll be thinking who cares about a few dead turtles. But we should care. Because it would be a shame to see their face next to the face of a dodo in a book in the chapter titled “Extinct Animals.”

And the best way to start helping them is to get to know them a little.

So pop on down to Australia, where some of the more endangered species and some of the more common species are protected in aquariums throughout the country.

Why? Because you are their #BigTicketNext to survival!


And, just because we care, and we think it’s cool, here’s our list of the best looking turtles from around the world:

  1. Loggerhead Sea Turtle – this turtle is found throughout the world.
  2. Spotted Turtle – Also known as Clemmy’s Guttata and is found in Canada and the USA
  3. The Sea Turtle – Found in all seas and oceans except the Polar regions.
  4. The Leatherback Sea Turtle – Found all over the world.
  5. Olive Ridley Sea Turtle – A resident of warm water and tropical islands it’s found mostly in the Indian and Pacific oceans.
  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle


World Turtle Day is May 23rd. Spend it with the turtles this year!

Get tickets to the Sea Life Aquariums in Melbourne, Sydney, Manly and Mooloolaba at kyazoonga.com.au!


Can’t wait for Bangalore Open Air? You don’t have to!

Prepare yourself for the onslaught of metal by brushing up on the bands playing Bangalore Open Air on Saturday, 9 July, at Royal Orchid Resorts, Yelankha.


A Polish death metal band hailing from the town of Olszlyn, these legends are going to be one of the biggest names at Bangalore Open Air. Since its formation in 1983, the band has gone through several lineup changes, but currently features Plotr ‘Peter’ Wiczarek on guitars and vocals, guitarist Marek ‘Spider’ Pajk, bassist Tomasz ‘Hal’ Halicki, and British drummer James Stewart.
Latest Album: Tibi Et Igni


Jonas Rogowski / Via Wikipedia
Jonas Rogowski / Via Wikipedia

Skull Fist

Coming in from Toronto, Canada is heavy metal band Skull Fist. They’ve recently toured Europe, Mexico, South America, and North America, and are now flying to Bangalore on their first stop of their “Asian Invasion” tour. Their much anticipated latest album was nominated for a Juno award, and the band is currently working on their third studio album, which hasn’t been assigned a release date as of yet. Their current lineup consists of lead guitarist and lead vocalist Zach Slaughter, Casey Slade on bass, Jonny Nesta as the lead guitarist, and JJ Tartaglia on drums.
Latest albumChasing The Dream

Via Metal Music Archives
Via Metal Music Archives

Nader Sadek

Nader Sadek is an Egyptian-American artist who is most well known for his death metal project, which gathers many well-known as well as emerging artists from the entire metal scene. Sadek and his chosen musicians then collaborate on creating an album. He focuses mostly on the more extreme styles of black and death Metal. Sadek currently resides in New York City.
Latest Album: The Malefic: Chapter III


Via brooklynvegan.com
Via brooklynvegan.com

Severe Dementia

Raising hell from Dhaka, the heart and capital of Bangladesh, Severe Dementia is a death metal band with a keen lyrical focus on ancient and historical events which created a major impact on certain nations and the human race. Eastern battles and Sumerian mythologies are reflected on in the band’s music. Since their formation in 2004, Severe Dementia has been a band that embodies absolute brutality and blistering speed with technical proficiency.
Latest Album: Epitaph of Plassey


Via Metal Archives
Via Metal Archives

Inner Sanctum

Local band Inner Sanctum is a death metal band which was formed in 2006. The founding members Chintan and Michael were later joined by Tejas (guitar), Abhinav (drums), Gaurav (vocalist) and Rajeev (guitar). They have won several awards including the Indian Band of the Year award in 2007 and 2009 as well as the Best Emerging Band of the Year award in 2010. Inner Sanctum released its first album, Provenance, through Resonance Studios. The album became very popular among the lovers of the death metal genre in Asia and was featured in several of the top 10 lists of albums in 2009-10. Over the years, Inner Sanctum has been a supporting act for some of the big names in metal, namely Metallica, Guillotine, Amon Amarth, Cradle of Filth, Texture and Slayer. Their current lineup features Gaurav Basu on vocals, Chintan Chinappa and Suraj Gulvady toggling between rhythm and lead guitar, bassist Narayan Shrouthy, and Abhinav Yogesh on drums.
Latest Album: Geisha Made


Via Pepsi MTV Indies
Via Pepsi MTV Indies

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Pink City Beckons Literature Dilettantes

From the days of Shakespearian glory to the days of Harry Potter rise as the new hero, literature has never failed to fascinate. They say that understanding literature is as much as an art than creating it and if you are lover of the words, there is no restriction to your imagination. Imagination is fueled by literature and it is just not the sheer entertainment value that literature gives you but it is also the food for the soul. If you are one of those people who love being lost in their reveries picturing something native only to their own imagination, there is no reason for you to not dwell deep into the world of literature.

Jaipur Literature Festival Tickets
Buy Jaipur Literature Festival tickets at Kyazoonga

Literature exists in various forms and takes various shapes when molded by artists. Right from poetic verses of Wordsworth to H.G. Well’s short stories, literature has never failed to capture the essence of the little things of life that are a source of many a sentiment for humanity. To read and to write are both forms of art that come naturally to some while others have to develop a knack for it with practice.

If you’re in love with literature and everything that’s in it, you already have artistic abilities of your own. Investing in your abilities to polish them is something that happens over time if you put in the right efforts. If you aspire to be a writer someday, the language is perhaps your first love and in order to grow this love to survive eternity and beyond, you ought to constantly be a part of this beautiful community of artists and be active.

One such ambrosial affair is all set to happen in the pink city in January 2015. The Jaipur Literature Fest is an opportunity for literature dilettantes to sip from a soulful cup of knowledge and meet some of their heroes. The festival allows members to attend the festival as delegates. The delegate fee for early birds (ones who register before November 2014) is as low as Rs. 3,000 per day. You can easily save a thousand rupees (on spot registration fee – Rs. 4,000) if you get your registration done on www.kyazoonga.com before November 2014.

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Venue: Maleshwaram Grounds, Bangaluru
Date: 25th May 2013 – Saturday
Time: 17:00

Venue: Goregaon Sports Complex, Mumbai
Date: 1st June,2013 – Saturday

Time: 17:00

Come witness a showcase of 3 Extreme sports:  Skateboarding, Inline Skates & BMX and get ready to enjoy an adrenaline rush that is absolutely unrivalled.
With a DJ laying down the beats and keeping the thrills coming, there will also be plenty of stalls setup keeping your entertainment in mind. So come on down to Xtreme Invasion and get ready to have a blast!
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